Starbucks in China: The Tea Ambition

Starbucks in China. March 1998, Starbucks to enter Taiwan, China, opened the first store. In January the following year, Starbucks to enter the mainland in Beijing China International Trade out of the Chinese mainland and the first store in North China, followed by breaking the trend of development has become Starbucks in China as a symbol of coffee. She is defined as « the majority of affordable luxury« , she subtle to the coffee culture indoctrination to the Chinese people’s awareness, in addition to product experience, she also brought people in addition to the workplace and living outside the warm and comfortable Of the « third living space. » For a time, Starbucks not only with the quality of coffee smooth taste of the Chinese people to buy the stomach, but also because of the unique « Starbucks experience » and relaxed environment to change people’s lifestyles.
With Starbucks in the global development of the unstoppable homeopathy, in 2011, Starbucks will be dark green Logo on her circle that « Coffee » logo canceled, and in November 2012, Starbucks to 620 million US dollars of high price to buy The NYSE-listed tea retailer, Teavana, officially unveiled Starbucks’ reluctance to open the café.
At the end of August 2016, Starbucks in North America opened 500 teahouse, the finally restrain in China on the two new « ice rock peach green tea » and « ice shake grapefruit honey black tea », are used in Sri Lanka mellow tea And China’s well-known Biluochun green tea and Taiwan’s Jin Xuan Oolong.

Starbucks in China: Chinese tea PK Starbucks ice shake tea

China, is a tea friends, tea-proud of tea culture. However, the Asian tea can be seen overseas, Japan, South Korea, but very few Chinese tea shadow. Chinese tea, « there is category, no brand, » the situation has been helpless acquiescence for a long time, and China since ancient times, tea culture, aloof, the spirit of tea, so that Chinese tea as a mountain hermit, Not to mention the increase in brand awareness in China and expand the market that the secular.
Today, young people for the fashion sought after, accelerating consumer trends, so that they can not have a trace of elegance to the product of a complicated process of kung fu tea, and Starbucks coffee and tea, simple but without losing the pure production process, New product packaging, is gradually attracting the attention of young people.
In addition, the Chinese tea market caused by immature product quality of the uneven and complicated tea instrument, high prices and pay attention to the equipment are secretly shows the Starbucks tea in the Chinese market to promote the advantage.

Starbucks in China: Tea Road? « Fork » road?

Although Starbucks bold tea strategy in the development of Chinese tea industry at this stage seems to be « profitable », but the foreign tea in the Chinese market is a place you need to take some real skill. « What is the tea Chana is routine » can be seen that the mellow Chinese tea has long Qin Qin Chinese bone marrow, a cup of fruit tea sweet and sour taste may not meet the real product Tea customers taste buds. Those who seek a sense of fresh flesh, but these customers are indulging in tea drinking, some people think that « tea with a large mouth for the bottom of the pulp is very enjoyable. »
Remove the taste, the price of these two cups of tea was also called « can not afford to drink, » a large cup of « ice shake grapefruit honey black tea, » the price of 37 yuan, compared to the previous « ice raspberry black currant Tea « 29 yuan price is indeed to enhance a grade. Unless the two new really different, otherwise the customer may be holding early adopters mentality to buy, but could not retain the long-term purchasing power.
See the Starbucks in China launched the two tea is a small test chopper, the real purpose behind it may be imagined in North America as the « tea bar » eventually introduced into China, which is sent before the World War II to inquire about the enemy Swordsman, for their sales we will wait and see.

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